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Japanese scientists have developed a replacement chromosomes




Substances and materials analysis establishments in Japan recently aforesaid that they need developed a heat and therefore the use of therapy medicine attack cancer cells whereas the chromosomes definition. within the experiment, this magnetic stickers with success evoked caspase-mediated cell death in animal tissue malignant cells with efficiency.
Epithelial epithelial cell malignant neoplastic disease could be a neoplasm, will occur in several tissues and organs, ninetieth of passage cancer, cervical cancer than eightieth and half-hour of carcinoma area unit epithelial cell malignant neoplastic disease.
Rely in the main on the treatment of this cancer surgery, actinotherapy and therapy. In recent years, the utilization of cancer cells than traditional cells additional liable to the characteristics of the heating by heating the neoplasm to kill chromosomes definition heat medical care attracted widespread attention. But so far, therapy and hyperthermy will severally be troublesome to attain at an equivalent time, precise management of an equivalent lesion.
Substances and materials analysis establishments have a temperature-sensitive polymers, magnetic nanoparticles and therapy medicine, to supply a fiber diameter of regarding five hundred nm, and therefore the fibers area unit created ??of paste on to the affected space of the grid-like skinny patch . field of force is applied to the fibers when cancer stickers can heat, whereby the temperature-sensitive chemical compound shrinkage, therefore emotional the therapy medicine.
The team found that this type of chromosomes definition placed on the carcinoma polite cells, the field of force is applied 5 minutes each day, 2 days later solely nineteen of cancer cells. therapy medicine used alone or with heating, then the remaining cells were twenty sixth and sixty nine.
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