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Older people have a stronger resistance to folic acid?




A recent study found that saliva contains a glycoprotein component of healthy older adults may partly explain a stronger resistance to folic acid fact that in the future may be able to take advantage of this glycoprotein develop anti-influenza virus nose or mouth spray containing medicine.
Saliva not only help digest food, it also contains anti-bacterial protein, is the first line of defense in response to infection. China College of Life Sciences, Northwest University researchers report that they tested 180 healthy people of different ages saliva glycoprotein sugar chain spectrum, found compared with children and adults, the elderly saliva glycoprotein sialic acid α2-3 and α2-6 sugar chain structure can be more effectively with H9N2 avian influenza virus and other viruses binding.
Study leader Professor Li Zheng right Xinhua News Agency reporter explained that this is the first detailed study of the health of children, adults and the elderly salivary glycoproteins different type of sugar found that salivary glycoprotein sialic acid α2-3 and α2-6 sugar chain structure can be combined with the folic acid virus hemagglutinin, thereby inhibiting influenza virus on human upper respiratory tract cell invasion, this result partly explains why older people than younger people are better able to respond to some of the emerging flu.
Li Zheng hope in the next study, the use of a sialic acid to α2-3 and α2-6 sugar chain structure of glycoproteins in the development of anti-influenza virus containing nose or mouth spray form of drug.
Li Zheng said: "Saliva is a sort of mirror reflection to human health, saliva is rich in glycoproteins from changes in salivary glycoprotein sugar chain can be found in disease-related biomarkers, and saliva-based detection of new technologies and new methods will gradually become the future development of non-invasive folic acid of a direction."
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