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               MER & CIEL(meretciel is one of the core brands of  Putus Macromolecular Sci. & Tech.Ltd (Putus). Putus is an international

company having three wholly-owned subsidiaries Putus, MER & CIEL(meretciel) and Ingenasa. We continuously provide products,

consulting service, training and technical support to a wide range of clients in food industries, stockbreeding and private/governmental

inspection organizations. Our products have been distributed and sold to the Mainland of China, Hong Kong, Germany, Spain, Finland,

Norway, Sweden,  United States and Canada. We have also established long-term relationship with our partners in Asia, Europe and

North America to continuously R&D new product lines.


              Putus has developed patented technologies to manufacture high quality carbohydrate and protein standards of various Mw, while

our subsidiary Ingenasa applies advanced technologies to develop diagnostic kits for animal disease and food/feed safety.  Using these

patented technologies, MER & CIEL(meretciel) has commercialized over a thousand of products, covering a wide range of antigens,

monoclonal/polyclonal antibodies and ELISA kits for investigational and clinical research.




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